Carrot Juicing or Blogging? Blogging Won

I am determined to make carrot juice today. I also set a goal to write in my blog once every two weeks at least. For the moment, the carrot juice is on hold.

Carrot juice tastes yummy if I add beets and something green, like romaine lettuce, and an apple, and celery. Not everyone in my family agrees with me, like one daughter who is single and calls herself a cat lady. My other daughter has also called herself a cat lady, but she is married and a mom. I do not call myself a cat lady, so they didn’t get it from me.

My oldest daughter likes carrot juice, but like me, she finds it’s a lot of work. Perhaps, like me, she finds it boring to set up the machine, clean the produce, put the veggies through the shoot for about an hour and then clean everything up. I tend to put a CD in, and listen to some teaching I’m interested in during the prep time, so that helps.

Why do I make carrot juice? It tastes good to me, it makes my body feel refreshed and energized, I had cataracts that have shrunk down to teensey-tiny because of drinking raw juice. Besides, I cannot find raw juice for sale in any store, and my husband refused to let me pay someone else to make the juice for me. LOL

I think I’m motivated to make carrot juice now. If anyone out there reads this blog, maybe you would like to tell me how you motivate yourself to do the healthy thing on a consistent basis. Also, good for you!

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