Are You in a Rut?

I have been writing a paper for a lady for a week or so who advocates for brain-diseased individuals. This is new for her, hiring a writer so she can communicate her quest for help in a clearer way.

It’s at times like this that I have to pray not to get too caught up in her story so I can keep my equilibrium in life. For a time, I stopped watching the news on television because I was getting depressed. Now, I tune into the news on occasion to keep up with things, but I don’t live there. It does give me people and situations to pray for, that’s for sure.

I love writing for people most of the time. It’s a learning curve into someone else’s passion, into a subject area I might not have chosen on my own. Oftentimes, I know something about it and/or have experienced what they want to express to others. Have you ever learned about something you never dreamed you would absolutely love, once you tried it? Motorcycling grabbed the attention of someone I love. When they finally came to a place where they could buy one and learn to ride it, they dealt with the fear of possibly getting injured. Once they got past that, they went for their life-long dream. The reality became better than the anticipation.

That same person told me that the Bible said, 365 times, in various ways, “Do not fear.”

That’s a helpful antidote to staying in a rut. Putting the fear behind, reaching forward to a new hobby or job or relationship within God’s boundaries gives life fullness and freshness and tools to bless others, if you so choose to.

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