God’s Changing Me

God works in mysterious ways. He uses His word and people to impact my life and other people’s lives. I called my friend for insight into a spiritual problem. She reminded me that we have authority over the devil and we prayed Scripture to get him to stop speaking accusations through people. I felt free and then I reminded her we were praying for a situation in her life. I said “Lets pray right now.” So I prayed Scripture for her and reminded her that there is no distance in prayer. She seemed relieved that God heard the second prayer, as well. As Satan attacks and God shores me up through interceding friends with reminders of God’s watchfulness and intervention in my life, I am changed from glory to glory to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ to this hurting world. Oh, how we need one another. Oh, how grateful I am that God keeps molding me and shaping me and I see change in me and hope my family sees a better me as well. Wow, that’s a little too much me. I mean to show a lot of God and less of, well, me.  🙂

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