I remember watching my husband open a planner and scribble to-do items into it. As a mother of four children from six to eighteen years old, I was feeling overwhelmed. “I should have one of those,” I said.

“It could help you, if you’ll use it.”

That’s the crux of the matter. Write down the to-do’s, use the calendar, and don’t forget to check the calendar first thing in the morning and again before going to bed. I am a daydreamer living in a dayplanner world. So I meandered to the other side. Quite a few years later, I still miss checking the calendar on occasion. I overbook my day. Did I mention the trait of optimism?

Although if it weren’t for my planner, I wouldn’t be blogging right now. 🙂 Mopping the floors is on my list and I think it’s going on tomorrow’s page.

If you’re like me and you misplace your keys and forget your appointments and stop to marvel at God’s creation and forget to finish what you started and begin something else instead, you may want to purchase a planner and make it a priority to use it.

But, if like me, you find that you are beginning to lose your joy occasionally, hide the planner for an afternoon and go outside on a weather friendly day and stare at the clouds until you get a crick in your neck, and breathe deeply and walk until you feel duty bound to unearth the book or the palm pilot and get industrious again. If you want to. It’s your life, after all.

Sometimes you gotta be the way God made you to be, even if you are a daydreamer in a dayplanner world. The dayplanners need the daydreamers, and vice versa. Do I hear an Amen out there?

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