Crying Out for God

At the Wednesday Ladies’ Bible Study, Ruth, an octogenarian said, “I have clay feet and the body has needs and cries out for these needs to be met, but I want to cry out louder for God to meet my spiritual needs.”
She had two or three profound nuggets that day. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself to go, but I make the effort and hear things that impact me or plant a thought that benefits my loved ones, or strangers even. Such a battle to do the right thing at times
When I have a choice between a gingerbread chai tea with whipped cream on top or a full glass of cool water, I oftentimes choose the tea. I may skip the whipped cream, but afterwards, when I take note of my body, I know I would have felt better drinking the clear stuff. Even when I know that tea inhibits iron absorption and I’m a little anemic feeling, I choose the sweet hot comfort. Praise God for His indescribable Grace! He helps me learn and grow and sometimes choose the water instead of the sugar and spices and milk and caffeine, and, of course, tea.
To me, that’s another proof of God’s existence. He keeps changing me, and it’s not only with food choices. Praise His holy name!

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