Open Up the Floodgates


My husband and I came home from a vacation that lasted a little less than two weeks to a basement flooding with water. I made rice the night we arrived. Thinking that corn was in the freezer downstairs, I stopped a few steps down because I saw water and heard a streaming sound.

I called my husband and as he stepped into the water to check things out, it covered his sneakers. He waded through to the water shut-off valve to stop the flow. It turned out to be coming from the water softener. “We’re going to have to get the cellar dried and sanitized by a company.”

“Hopefully, soon,” I said.

A day later, I decided to put a large cooler pack into the downstairs freezer and discovered it wasn’t working. So, just before going to bed, I’m carrying thawed vegetables and veggie burgers to the upstairs refrigerator. I thanked God for allowing me to find the food before it went bad.

I thought I’d bake cornbread with corn kernels in it that a friend, originally from Missouri makes. It’s delicious. I pondered making corn chowder and using the peas to go with mashed potatoes. I figured thawed veggies will last about five days in the fridge.

I may bring the corn bread to a couple of Bible-based meetings. As for today, I plan to mostly stay home and work on things in the cellar and around the house. Later in the day I got singing the song with verses, “open up the floodgates, I want to see You,” and Craig remarked, “I think we already experienced flood gates being opened here.”

The service company couldn’t get to our place for a couple of days. They set up a huge dehumidifier and five commercial fans blowing for five days. Nine days later, the loud vibrations and the smell and the water were a thing of the past. We worked on catching up on laundry.

We got a ton of rain this week after many arid days. I sang the same song about God opening up the floodgates, but after a line or two, I decided to stop. I thanked Him for the rain and the clean air restored after the forest fires from Canada sent barely breathable air our way last week. That was a direct answer to prayer. The next day, the haze lifted and everyone noticed the improvement. Our church prayed right after the worship songs on Sunday for the Canadian people’s welfare and for the fires to stop.

Back to things at our home: on Monday, my husband and his friend put in a new water softener. I appreciate how God sent us help.

I got thinking this morning, if you sing a song asking God to open the floodgates, you may get a literal answer. You may get a spiritual response-more of the Holy Spirit who is sometimes symbolized by water. You may get both! Last week, my gardening daughter said, “I hope we don’t get drought like last year.”

After this week’s steady and sometimes heavy rain, I have hope for normal amounts of water this season. After church on Sunday, I felt encouraged. We prayed for America as well. Our country needs revival and hope! We had a potluck luncheon after the service and some new folks joined us. I believe God answers prayer.

May God bless you and yours!

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