I Learned More About God Through the Buffalo Bills

At the close of the football season in 2022, possibly into 2023, the Bills were playing in a game that would determine how far they went towards attaining the Super Bowl victory. I am not an avid fan, but many of my family members are, well, fanatical. So, I see lots of games and listen to a multitude of voices conjecturing outcomes of football teams around the country. Some of the men enjoy themselves so much, my husband and I get our spirits lifted. Occasionally, a female broadcaster is also highly knowledgeable, and we’ll catch those shows as well. If I paid closer attention, perhaps I could become an expert, but it’s not my priority in life.

Concerning this particular high stakes game at the end of 2022, beginning of 2023, I thought that a still, small voice that the Bible says God’s followers will recognize as His, seemed to indicate that the Buffalo Bills were going to win the game and go on to the next level of competition. So, being confident, I told all my family: the fanatics, the interested and the one Kansas City Chief fan that God told me the Bills were going to win.

As the game progressed, my husband started bemoaning some of the plays that hurt the Bills’ chances. I’ve been sure of this still, small voice for many months now. So, I turn to my husband and say, I’m praying that they will win, because God said they would. He might have said to me, “Why are you praying if God said they’ll win?”

He’s so logical, right? I’m more emotional than he is in life. I get excited when I see the eleven-year-old grandchildren looking at me, the nine-year-old Kansas fan tuning in, and the teen-age boy fanatic listening intently. “Why are you saying they’re going to lose if they keep playing this way?”

I’m trying to be a good example to the kiddos and the other adults and I’m trying really hard to hold onto my faith. So, that turns out to be Buffalo’s last chance at fame for the season, because they lost.

I have to tell you, I began to think of all the times I followed the advice of the still, small untrue voice of god that I thought was right on and I cried bitter tears. How could I have been so deceived for so many months? God help me, I hope it wasn’t years. It was a great wake up call for me and I really sought God about wanting to hear from Him, only if He wanted to give me a personal Word. I might have thought He said to be sure and write today, nothing outlandish.

So, for the following year, if I thought I heard from God and it seemed a little different, but still a resounding thought, perhaps, I might share it and emphasize I think it’s God. Then, last week the Buffalo Bills were getting close to the end of the game, and it sure looked like they were going to lose. My husband has been a bit discouraged over health lately, so maybe early on, I asked Him if He would let them win for my hubbies’ sake.

I did dishes, I think I read a book in the same room as the game played. I went into the kitchen for a glass of water, and honestly that latter still, small voice asked, “Do you want the Bills to win?”

I hardly thought about it. “If you do, Lord, I would like that.”

I didn’t say anything. I started focusing on the game and the fast-moving time clock. Bottom of the fourth quarter, I’m chilling. My husband’s fretting a bit. Suddenly, they kick a field goal and win the game 24-22.

This is my second blog in two days, because yesterday, I felt as if God asked me to write and submit something each day for three days in a row. So, I told Him, “Okay.”

I’ve seriously prayed for the Bills’ games on occasion. After one time, I felt so convicted to pray for people suffering in a war, for instance, or some other serious situation, that I left off praying for the Bills and focused on the infinitely more important scenarios. But, I don’t think God minds if I pray for a football game as long as I don’t get ridiculous about it. He tells us in the Word, “The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous person avails much.” In James, I think.

His shed blood on the cross is what makes a person righteous, so I’m not saying I’m all that, everybody look at me.

What I’m saying is that God sent Jesus to earth to take punishment for our sins if we want Him to. So we can go to heaven and have some really neat blessings on this side of heaven as well. Again, in James, the Word says every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of lights. We’re kind of like God as parents, we like to give our kiddos things that delight them. He knows our every thought, our every desire, every move we make, and He wants us to enjoy life with Him.

He requires us to believe in Him and to obey His commands. When we mess up, we say we’re sorry and really mean it. We ask Him to help us not to mess up and then we receive His grace and unconditional forgiveness. Then, we forgive ourselves and try not to beat ourselves up. We try to fix the wrong so it comes out as right as it can be. We forgive anyone who hurt us, with God’s help.

No pressure.

I hope you are blessed and have a wonderful 2024.


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