Living Life With Integrity

I read a book a little while ago entitled Good to Great in God’s Eyes by Chip Ingram, copyright 2007, published by Baker Books. He said a colleague wrote things on 3 x 5 cards and then he did, like, “I want to be a person of integrity to bring glory to God,” “I want to show love to my wife in tangible ways every day that will mean something to her,” “I want to pray more often every day and develop an attitude of gratitude.”

He read them every morning and night for a period of time in the beginning,  and then regularly after that but not as often. So I made some for me, shamelessly stealing some of his wording. It is impacting my life because it clearly states things I want to do. Some days I say, “I haven’t started that yet, but I will.”

If it sounds good to you, I’m sure Chip Ingram would be thrilled to have you use his idea. He longs for believers to live a Christian life as a man or woman of integrity. I heard him say it at a seminar a few years back in Upstate New York. The book is worth reading, and making wholesome changes brings zest to life.

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